Gonk droid - EPIV

I started this project back in 2010 to have it ready in time for Celebration 5 in Orlando, Florida. Since this picture (from the official C5 Flikr stream), I have made several upgrades and modifications and this little guy has been at Celebration 6 and 8, as well as a few Megacons and parades.

What follows is the progress I made in building Junky, and hopefully this can help you build one of your own!Keep in mind, this was all done using the "kit bash" method - taking various parts and pieces from other things and mashing them together to form this droid. With the availability of 3D printing, some of what I did for my build can be done easier wth a printer and a few rolls of filament (such as the 3D foot files below).


For anyone wanting one of their own, it's pretty simple and can cost as little as $50 in bought parts, plus any greeblies you have lying around.

Here's a short parts list of what I bought:
  • 2 - 18 gallon Sterylite storage bins
  • 2 - 4 cup Ziploc storage containers
  • 2 1/2" garage door trim
  • 4" x 10' black drainage pipe
  • 2 sheets of foam core board (for the feet, more is needed if you don't have scrap plastic)
  • glue

Stuff I had lying around:
  • old hand-held shower head pipe
  • scrap HIPS plastic
  • hot glue
  • Krylon Fusion paint
  • 2x4 wood
  • various screws




Click the pic for a free PDF download!

I was asked if I could make these as 3D printable items, so I came up with this:

And here's how I invision them being put together (only the right foot is shown):

I used Weld-On 3 for this process, but later on, I found CA glue and a 3D pen work well, too.

The small brace blocks are for support in several areas. I use them near the bottom on the back to help secure the sides.

There is also an indent on the center of the toe piece for that brace block. There are also three on each side to help support the top, making a total of 9 blocks for each foot.

Here I used a slurry made from styrene melted in Weld-On3 to fill the inevitable gaps, but you can use a 3D pen, Bondo, or other filler of your choice.

And now the final piece, snaded and painted silver ready for weathering.

And you can download the .stl files for free here:
All Files Zipped Folder
Left Foot Whole
Left Foot Top
Left Foot Back
Left Foot Inside
Left Foot Outside
Left Foot Toes
Right Foot Whole
Right Foot Top
Right Foot Back
Right Foot Inside
Right Foot Outside
Right Foot Toes
Brace Blocks (print 18 total)