"I can't remember ever owning a droid."
Obi-Wan Kenobi EPIV

Both Junky and ArJay as part of a 2019 May 4th Star Wars themed wedding "guarding" the wedding cake table.

In late 2012, I began my efforts to build my own R6 astromech - R6J5, also known as ArJay. Below, you can follow the build process, just in case you might be interested in building one of your own. All files for the build, including styrene blueprints and 3D STL files, can be found on the Astromech.net forums.

As with all projects, this is never really going to be "done," but the lastest update (the battery charger door shown at the bottom of this page) was completed in April 2019.

R6 Astromech
Concept (pic from LFL)


Click on each pic for a high rez image.

Here are all the head parts cut out (except for the skin). Now, one quick note (from the guy who made the plans) Definitely use 1mm styrene for the 2 dome top pieces. Using 3mm is a bugger.

The following pics show some 3D printed parts found on the Astromech and Thingiverse sites. For the front main eye, this was a printed R2 piece that I heavily sanded to make it fit my non-domed droid head. I don't remember if anyone has made an accurate file for this piece yet, but it is something I'm thinking about working on in my free time and will upload for free here when that is available.


Click on each pic for higher resolution.





The upgrades are an ongoing project...

This is a custom charged port I created for my droid. It fits the pluc from a standard battery charger. I recommend using a metal pin or screw for the hinge on the cover.